Android has long been criticized for its less than cohesive and at times elementary UI. Ice Cream Sandwich looks like it will finally fix that. But if it is the iOS look and feel you’re trying to obtain while still retaining all of Android’s openness, the Espier launcher is just the thing you’ve been looking for. As far as launchers/themes go it’s far and wide the most complete and best looking replica of iOS. While certain small aspects such as folder opening transitions and the fact that all apps installed on the phone are on the homescreen don’t properly match up with iOS, we have to remember that this isn’t iOS. One major flaw at this point (for hardcore Android users anyway) is that widgets cannot be added to the Espier homescreen.

As awesome as this launcher is, we don’t see Apple letting it continue living life (despite being free) for much longer. Better download it while you can.

If the iOS look is what you’re after, give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Via: AndroidPolice, AddictiveTips


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  • Chill4291

    The one thing I wished would be copied by android was how on  ios you can put multiple icons in one icon. Glad to see its coming over.