Siri is undoubtedly one of the staple features of the iPhone 4S. Too bad it’s limited to that device. We’ve already heard that the older iPhone 4 is plenty powerful enough to run Siri on, though Apple has some sort of method to block non-iPhone 4S devices. But iOS jailbreak developer @JackoPlane has apparently managed to kill two birds with one stone — he’s gotten Siri ported to all devices capable of running iOS 5 and managed to get Apple’s servers to not block non-iPhone 4S devices. Furthermore, JackoPlane says an iPhone 4S jailbreak to get Siri off said phone isn’t needed as he’s already got the files.

As of writing there isn’t any video/photographic proof nor any app released that can be tested. But JackoPlane promises the goods will be released “as soon as possible”.

We’re sure there are a few million non-iPhone 4S users that would love to stress test Siri and ask her/him all of life’s most challenging questions. At the same time we’re curious how another large influx of Siri server requests would slow down an already taxed server system.

Stay tuned…

Source: @Jackoplane (Twitter) | Via: Cydiahelp,


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  • Jordan Carpenter

    As soon as an untethered Jailbreak is available and this is out, I’ll give it a test on my wife’s iPhone 4.