Well lookie there. One of two currently deployed iPad kiosks for Lowes shoppers just popped up in our inbox. The units are reportedly just beginning the testing phase in two NC stores with a more complete rollout happing later this year/early next based on store revenue.

No, it’s not a fancy new Galaxy Nexus killer. But it’s tiny electronics wrapped in glass and being used in a manner which is more or less “new” for society (or at least Lowes) — just the type of thing we love.

Outside of the iPad kiosks we’re hearing Lowes is also working on a (assuming NFC-based) contactless payment system. The necessary hardware is rumored to be a new POS debit card machine and begin hitting stores (for testing) in the next 3-4 months. Regarding the contactless payments, an internal document states:

This new pin pad will also allow us to expand and support future payment technologies such as contactless payments and in our Canadian stores, the Chip & Pin cards.


As mentioned in our previous article, iPadKiosks.com is the rumored supplier of the iPad kiosks for Lowes while iPadEnclosures.com is said be handling stations in the plumbing department specifically.

As always, we’ll keep digging…

Thanks, “Woo”


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