While we’ve seen reports of LG responding to criticisms over Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade status for the Optimus 2X and T-Mobile G2X, we had yet to hear from LG themselves. Well, now we have. According to an LG spokesperson, the reports (as originally reported here) claiming the Optimus 2X and G2X were not going to be receiving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades:

The reports are unfounded and originated from sources unattached to LG.

With the introduction of Android 4.0 two weeks ago, our engineers have been poring over Ice Cream Sandwich in an effort to fully understand its features and requirements. LG R&D will then make recommendations as to which of our smartphones will deliver the best user experience with ICS. This process will take some time so we thank our users and advocates for their patience and ask that they keep an eye out for a future announcement from LG on this subject.

Optmus 2X and G2X owners aren’t out of the woods yet but it’s a reassuring statement nonetheless.


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  • John

    Well there is hope yet. I really like my G2x and will really enjoy ICS on it.

    • Jeremy

      “the best user experience”

      Given that the G2x is about as close to a stock build as anything on the market (including LG’s portfolio) and that the hardware specs easily exceed requirements, this sounds like typical corporate posturing / backpedaling… If they’re not going to offer it, they should grow a pair and admit it rather than make statements that are later down as blatant deceptions in misguided efforts to salvage their downward speaking reputation – especially given their horrible mis-steps previously with this model (the 2x still is stuck on Froyo, and do they really think people ever bought their propaganda that g2x’s were pulled from stores due to sales demand rather than a sea of issues?).

      At this point, for their own long-term prospects, they should suck it up and deploy an ICS build for g2x & 2x even if it doesn’t appear to be a profitable move. Good business decisions aren’t made in a vacuum, though there appears to be a large one between the ears of LG’s Product team…

      • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

        LG is kind of like Sony in that updates are slow and often delayed.