20111218-234148.jpgA Shanghai based assembly plant belonging to Pegatron subsidiary, Riteng, reportedly exploded late Saturday (local time) injuring 50+ people and possibly affecting ongoing iPad 2 production as well as upcoming iPad 3 production too.

The plant is said to have been producing back panels for iPad 2s, and is currently testing production for an “unspecified product” (read: ipad 3) based on reports from a local paper, the “Yi Cai Daily”.

The Riteng plant was operating in a “test production mode” and could be “run around the damaged areas” should production schedules call for it, according to a Pegatron spokesperson.

With a good deal of initial holiday shopping already over, it could be said the explosion and any possible production shortages “could have been worse”. Nonetheless, Apple has had several issues with exploding/burning manufacturing plants as well as labour conditions being called into question after a rash of suicides at Foxconn plants earlier this year.

Hopefully production isn’t affected and can continue, otherwise it’s more supply problems that Apple certainly doesn’t need.

  • Source Reuters
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