Not that this is a common theme yet, but AT&T is at it again. They keep digging up new ways to fist their users and create a loyale user base of pissed off customers. If you have been a customer of the GSM giant during the last 10 years, you’ll know that when you go to upgrade your device, you’ll be slapped with an $18 upgrade fee. Well, since the fees associated with upgrading a device for us are costing them more money, they’ll now pass that along to us.

Beginning this Sunday, the 12th of February, customers upgrading to that shiny new device will see the $36 fee. So if you were planning on getting an upgrade in, we’d suggest picking it up tomorrow. We know how expensive AT&T is, and shoving this doubled up charge at us is ridiculous. The only cost I can see this causing for AT&T is the hourly wage for the slow a$$ employees clicking their mouse behind the counter as I stand and wait.

Anyone still surprised that AT&T likes giving us the shaft at this point? Hopefully we’ll see a quicker upgrade process, that’ll be worth the extra $18!!

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