Remember a couple of weeks ago we told you about an incredibly sexy iOS app that will pwn all other to-do list apps out there? Well, if you don’t, I sure as hell do. The app is out now for you to cough up a well deserving 99 cents, now dammit!

Clear is a simple, yet, beautiful app that will make any complicated life easier. The UI is gorgeous, simple, fun, sexy, ugh, the list could keep going. I have been using Clear for around 45 minutes and I honestly don’t remember anything before it. I haven’t used Siri for any reminders or lists since picking this app up. That might not sound like a lot for 45 minutes, but if you know me, you’ll know the whiskey does horrible things to my brain and creates missed appointments and what not.

The fact that I get to play with such a sexy new app leaves the robotic personal assistant in the dust. I know that is a horrible thing to say about Siri on Valentine’s Day, but who cares. Clear is worth the $.99 price tag. Hell, I would probably even go to say it’s worth buying it, then buying it for your significant other as a Valentine’s Day gift so they can freaking remember this sacred love holiday!!!

You can find the app here: iTunes Link FTW



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