Android 4.0 has now been out for a couple months. It’s now old news (despite < 1% of Android users actually using it). That means it's time to start speculating about the next major version, reportedly taking the name “Jelly Bean”. Whether or not Jelly Bean is Android 5.0 or some smaller 4.x iteration is irrelevant at this point. What is relevant are the new features: tablet optimization and dual-booting.

According to DigiTimes’ sources, the focus on tablet optimization combined with dual-booting other OS’ is an attempt by Google to get back into the netbook arena after ChromeOS’ failed attempt to capture a measurable piece of the market. A tablet that can function both as an ultra-portable device as well as a robust “laptop” with a separate, more functional OS certainly sounds nice. But if we ask ourselves how many mainstream users will ever use such a feature (and if Google could actually make an easy to use, seamless experience) the answers aren’t very positive.

All that said, consider the source. Yup. Salt in hand. Ready to go.

  • Source DigiTimes
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