Windows Phone 7 still has yet to capture the mainstream consumers’ minds. But for a good number of techies, Windows Phone is the newest exciting contender to the mobile space. While the few pieces of WP7 hardware from the more mainstream manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC weren’t anything special worth writing home about, Nokia’s Lumia hardware has kickstarted not only a new brand re-building for themselves, but Windows Phone as well.

Today, we’re focusing on the next big Windows Phone updated — Tango. Russian blog is claiming to have posted leaked details regarding Tango and a few examples of what kinds of limitations the 256 MB RAM limit will mean to lower-end Windows Phone hardware users.

Things such as video streaming will be limited to 4 MBs (H.264 v2 encoding) or less, the inability for 3rd party Live Tiles to update automatically, the ability to add multiple media content items (videos, audio, pictures) to individual MMS messages, user customizable roaming settings, manage SIM card contacts as well as the ability to save new contacts to the SIM card, and raises the number of pre-installed apps from the current 16 to 40.

Some good. Some bad. We’re not really all that happy with not-so-Live Tiles nor the pre-installed app count exploding. One would think that a lack of memory would mean less room for bloat, too.

It’ll too too early to be overly critical yet as we still dont’ know the full list of features, let alone what is or isn’t actually coming to Windows Phone Tango. Stay tuned…


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