Intel’s next great platform, the 22nm Ivy Bridge platform looks like it will hit the streets a bit later than the original April time frame. According to clsoe sources of DigiTimes, Intel has an inventory surplus of current-gen Sandy Bridge hardware, that according to Intel (off the record and unofficially of course) is due to tablets and smartphones eating into PC sales over the last year. Because of this, Ivy Bridge’s ~April launch is now nothing more than a “paper launch” — that is, it will “officially” be released, though Intel has reportedly already begun telling manufacturers to not expect mass shipments of Ivy Bridge components until June.

What remains to be seen is how (if at all) the Ivy Bridge delay will affect Apple, whom has been rumored to be incorporating the smaller components in their next-gen Macbook Pro line this year thanks to Ivy Bridge’s increased efficiency, cooler operation, and of course, increased performance.

It’s a sad day when simple hardware surpluses and not some actual engineering/manufacturing problem are delaying the next latest and greatest piece of technology.

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