Could this be the Air like design upgrade to the MacBook Pro that we’ve been hearing about for the past year? I remember the rumors last summer popping up that the next upgrade would feature and Air like body, but with bigger screen and beefed up guts. Here we are, on the brink of Apple’s latest Operating System, and damn near time for the big brother of the MacBook line to see an upgrade, the rumor mill is twitching to the sound of April as an expected release date.

When Lion was debuted with the MacBook Air this past July, Apple made a huge leap into a cohesive mobile-to-desktop brand. Incorporating quite a bit from iOS into their desktop OS, we knew it was only a matter of time before we saw something greater. And with the release of a Developer Preview of Mountain Lion earlier this month and dropping sometime this summer, we know the relationship between desktop and mobile will get even more intertwined.

Digitimes is saying we’ll see an update to both the 13 and 15″ MacBook Pros as soon as April. Stuffed with Intel’s latest and greatest – Ivy Bridge Chips. With Intel throwing up the wall with production delays from April to June on the Ivy Bridge processors, this is going to bring worry to ultrabook manufacturers, giving Apple the upper-hand by releasing their hardware first.

I know it’s about time to see the MacBook Pro line updated, but I feel releasing new hardware, only a couple short months before a new desktop OS creates frustration to consumers. Having to upgrade my OS 2 months after purchasing, even if it is a free upgrade from Apple is more work than I’d like. It doesn’t relay the experience of Apple that I’m used to.

Either way, we know how amazing the MacBook Air is, to have a beefed up version at a 15″ screen really gets our keyboards moist. We’ll wait and see what Apple plans on doing, but until then we’ll just have to salivate over the new iPad 3!

Source: DigiTimes


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