Well, DigiTimes is at it again. When the normal Apple release cycle starts to rear it’s magical face, DigiTimes gets to churnin. And the last couple days are a perfect example of that. With all the talks of Apple’s upcoming iPad even next week, we are all left wondering what else we’ll see along side the iPad 3. Will Apple follow the iPhone suite and release an 8GB iPad 2 at a cheaper price point to battle the not so tough Kindle Fire?

It seems not only will we see a lighter on the storage side iPad, we will also be getting the infamous 8″ iPad. Sources “close to the matter” are telling DigiTimes that Apple is planning on launching the 7.85″ iPad that will tackle Amazon’s attempt at tabletizing the World – dropping in somewhere between $249-299. The trust sources are also saying Apple is expected to give us the 8GB iPad 2 for $349-399.

Let’s not stop there, but we’ll also see the 16GB version of the iPad 2 slimming $50 down to a cool $449 USD. Leap Year be damned, DigiTimes is taking March 1st (technically March 2nd) and beating it down with Applely goodness.

We are going to have to wait see what happens next week. I for one don’t necessarily think we should see a smaller version of the iPad, but I do feel keeping a lighter capacity iPad at a cheaper price point is a good wait to stay in charge. Apple dominates over 50% of the tablet market, but getting the iPad into the hands of us less fortunate will ensure total world domination.

Source: DigiTimes


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