Now that we have the iPad rumors and even behind us, it’s time for the tech world to focus on Apple’s next mobile phone. The rumors really never died down since the iPhone 4S was launched, but we kind of shifted focus on what Apple would give us in tablet form. Lately we’ve been hearing some stupid talk about bigger screens, topping out at 4.6″. I find this disgusting and know Apple would follow suit with Android devices and have a huge floppy screen. You can find me saying way before the iPhone 4 was released, that 4″ is as big as Apple should ever go. I still stand by that, not that I need a 4″ display, but I would have a lot of trouble purchasing an iPhone if it was bigger than that.

Well, today iMore has started having some information flow in regarding the new iPhone set to launch this year. iMore is reporting that Apple will most likely keep the current size screen we have on the 4S – at 3.5″. This isn’t set in stone, but it isn’t likely Apple will go much larger. Along with a similar display size, we will be seeing a reduction in the oh-so-standard 30-pin dock connector. We might be seeing it reduced to a micro-dock size to make some room for some other components inside the device. If this is true, we might be seeing more battery power, or even allow for a complete redesign, possibly the tear drop rumors we’ve been hearing about for so long.

With the release of the iPad, we finally see 4G LTE compatibility in Apple devices. I would be shocked to see Apple not include this in the next generation iPhone. It would make sense to see a smaller dock connector in the device, allowing for the 4G LTE Radio and possibly a bigger battery to support the bump in cellular speed.

Rumors are putting the next gen iPhone in our hands sometime this Fall, most likely in October. This would be a year after we saw the iPhone 4S, so that isn’t too far fetched either. Apple is also rumored to be announcing iOS 6 at this year’s WWDC in June.

Other than LTE, are there any features you are really looking forward to or want Apple to include?

Source: iMore


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