Samsung’s Galaxy S III has definitely created a polarized field. On one hand, the hardware itself, at least on paper, isn’t exactly the most spectacular. Samsung has, however, built in some nifty software goodies such as the eye tracking software, etc. to sweeten the pot. Similarly, the physical looks/construction materials have people questioning if the hype was really worth it. But above it all, it is actually one of the Galaxy S III accessories that has us most excited — the wireless charging dock.

While wireless charging to mobile devices is not new, its availability is still incredibly rare. And sadly, we’ve learned that eager Galaxy S III early adopters will have to wait until September to get their hands on the official Galaxy S III wireless charger – (EAD-K10UBEGSTD).

No reason was given for the delay, so we’ll just have to let the internet’s speculative mind come up with the answer. Any bummed potential Galaxy S III owners out there? Hopefully 3rd party accessory manufactures can fill in the gap until September.


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