Thus far, when talking of the next-gen Xbox you either hear 1) “next-gen Xbox” or 2) “Xbox 720. The 720 doesn’t really mean anything other than the current 360 doubled. Today, Fusible is reporting Microsoft recently obtained several domains names from Chinese resident, Cheng Juan: “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “”. Most of those are pretty general and obviously Microsoft merely sucking up stuff with their name/brand on it. The last two, however, “” and “” could hint at where Microsoft is heading with their next-gen Xbox in terms of branding.

The other scenario — this is nothing more than Microsoft sucking up Xbox branded things because their own the trademark. Also, the Xbox 8 name has been leaked before, so it’s not really anything exciting/new.

In an earlier piece by, it is suggested that “Xbox 8″ could at least be rationalized as the next name with some real meaning. Example: Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and…Xbox 8. It certainly makes sense in that context. Though, something about our brains still try to rationalize a purer reasoning for giving the 3rd-geneartion Xbox the “8” moniker.

It’s all heresy and speculation for now. Until Microsoft officially unveils the next-gen Xbox (sometime before 2015), it’s anyone’s best guess.

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Via: Fusible, BGR
Image Via: StickSkills


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