The Galaxy S III is everything the iPhone isn’t – cheap plastic, massive screen, open Android, etc. But as soon as next week Samsung could at least change one big part of that. An invite sent out earlier tonight points to a possible Galaxy S III “Mini” being unveiled next week in Germany after many months of rumors claiming such a device exists.

The German above: “Something small will be really big. Get ready for a little sensation.”

While specs are far from confirmed at this point, previous rumors speculated that Samsung could put a mid-range dual-core processor and ~4-inch 480 x 800 display in the device’s chassis, reaffirming the “little is big” theme.

We know a lot of people who would love a smaller Galaxy S III. That said, they want a smaller physical body, not a smaller/mid-range spec sheet to accompany it. Stay tuned. Come October 11th Samsung will remove the veil and show us their latest creation. And hopefully, the specs are a bit more up to par than what rumors have pegged so far.

Source: UnwiredView


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