T-Mobile long fought the battle against Apple’s iPhone and the multitude of other carriers large and small walking away with customers in multi-year contracts by declaring they had many other options that were as good or better. But in the last year their battle cry has changed. Instead of outright knocking the iPhone with every chance they now recommend people bring their iPhone’s to T-Mobile where they can save a claimed “hundreds of dollars” over competing carriers (specifically AT&T). The only problem, of course, is that iPhone customers on T-Mobile have had to suffer with EDGE (read: 2G) data speeds the entire time mostly negating the cheaper experience in our opinion. But during this changed tune T-Mobile has been hard at work “refarming” spectrum by moving their HSPA+ 3G network onto the 1900 MHz band so that incoming iPhone users can enjoy much faster speeds than EDGE offers.

Thus far, T-Mobile hasn’t really divulged any concrete details about the cities that have already received/currently receiving/will receive “upgrades” to the refarmed network. But a handy map put together by Airportal.de shows exactly where the HSPA and HSPA+ networks are going live on the 1900 MHz band, and where iPhone users on T-Mobile can enjoy speeds many times faster than the pokey 2G speeds they’ve currently been enjoying suffering with.

Anyone made the switch to T-Mobile yet or are you still waiting for more HSPA+ coverage before making the jump with your trusty iPhone?

Via: 9to5Mac


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  • http://www.facebook.com/lrgking23 David Gray

    Yea when is it coming to milwaukee wi

  • drsims2

    I have an iPhone 4 and Tmobile pay as you go plan with a 4g broad band hot spot from Walmart and I get 5 gb for 2 months at 25.00 per month or 3.5 gb for 17.50 per month. This plan is only thru Walmart.

  • Skippy

    I’m about to drop T-Mobile on the 3 phones in our house. At this rate they won’t have 3G in my area until 2019. I’m sick and tired of paying a full rate cellphone bill every month for LOUSY 2G service.

  • jose

    I have recently purchased the blu life play.