The smartphone display is one of the most touched, most looked at things in the gadget world today. Since physical keyboards and buttons really began the downward spiral in importance with the advent of (good) touchscreen phones sometime around 2007, protecting that window to the world (and your investment) has become incredibly important. We don’t know about you, but when a scratch (however tiny) pops up on our smartphone’s display, craziness ensues. Once we notice it, it’s always there eating away at us. While some of you out there might not be that torn up about such things, it’s not hard to say that most of your want some type of protection on the most important feature your phone has to offer.

All that said, we have a love/hate relationship with screen protectors. While they keep our glass displays protected from the perils of the world, they don’t always look or feel the best. Some screen protectors leave your display with a hazy picture, which in our opinion, is counter-intuitive. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an awesome phone with an awesome display only to make it look like a tube TV from the 80’s, noise and all? Other screen protectors look alright, but when actually touched remind us of running our finger across an orange peel. That “orange peel” look is also not high up on our list of “pros”.

That’s where Spigen’s Glas.t real glass screen protector dominates the show. At 0.4mm thick it is considerably thicker than your typical film protector. From the side, it’s definitely noticeable. But that added thickness pays off in several ways. First, it adds another layer of awesome scratch protection to your phone’s display. Second, the actual display looks just as good as if no screen protector were installed at all. Finally, the Glas.t feels awesome in hand. Because it is real glass just like the iPhone 5’s display, it feels just as good to use. Sweeping and swiping up, down and all around the iPhone’s Glas.t-covered display is a joy and makes us forget that anything is even installed in the first place. That’s how screen protectors are supposed to work.

The only area the Glas.t might not exceed all your expectations – cases. Because of the thicker than normal 0.4mm size of the glass, the Glas.t might cause some issues with cases (particularly hard, non-forming cases) that wrap around onto the iPhone 5’s front side. The Glas.t isn’t a “case safe” screen protector in that it reaches all the way across from edge-to-edge on all sides, with but a tiny ~0.25-0.5mm gap when perfectly centered. If you rock such a case, it’s time to make hard decision. Do you want to keep using the case you have or do you want the best screen protector money can buy?


At $27.99 it’s not the most affordable screen protector as it is just the screen protector (and not any included extras like back or side protection) included in the box. But even then, we can’t not recommend the Glas.t. It’s simply too good. The fit, feel and appearance all handedly exceed any plastic screen protector/film hands down. If the best of the best is what you seek, the Glas.t is your only option.

Gadgetsteria’s Rating: 9.5/10


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  • murad ahmed

    failed to mention the extra depth around the home button – which can look strange when fluff collects around the edges of the circle – similar issue with the ear piece ..

    • Jordan Carpenter

      We have mentioned this with both our 4S and iPad versions. Yes it should be mentioned but I highly doubt anyone doesn’t know at this point.