Incipio has been one of our favorite iPhone accessory providers for several years now. Their attention to detail and good design puts them farther up on the scale compared to many of their competitors. With the iPhone 5, things are no different. Incipio has crafted a large selection of cases that is sure to tickle at least one of your fancies.

Speaking of which, Incipio was kind enough to hook us up with half a dozen of their newest iPhone 5 cases so we could put them to the test and see if all the hype is worth continuing.

**All the cases seen here today come with Incipio screen protectors. We’ve tried them on previous occasions and found them to be pretty decent all things considered. They’re thin, don’t distort display quality at all and last for many months of abuse.


The smooth, hard contours of the OVRMLD strikes us as quite unique. It’s hard like a normal plastic case but also smooth and slightly giving thanks to the rubberized sides (read: non-fuzz eating sides). The combination makes for a case that sits nicely in the hand but doesn’t have that cheap plastic feel that many cases end up coming with. Also, the softer finish on the outside provides a tiny bit of extra shock protection compared to bare plastic while also being firm enough that it doesn’t cause the case to easily pop off if/when dropped.

Our only gripe with the OVRMLD – it’s difficult to remove. The firm grip the OVRMLD has on your iPhone is great for 99% of scenarios. The 1% of the time when you need to remove your phone, however, it becomes a test of finger strength and flexibility. Considering most people don’t routinely remove their phone case and swap to others, like us, it’s a rather minor concern all things considered.

Overall a great case.

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OVRMLD: 8/10


The Incipio FAXION is your typical silicone case. It is flexible (more-so than the OVRMLD above) yet firm. The lack of hard plastic interior means it isn’t quite as robust as other options in their catalog. One thing we do have to highlight is that the volume and sleep/lock button covers on the FAXION (as well as other cases) are top notch. It’s rare that Incipio has provided shoddy button covers in the past. And we’re proud to say that practice continues.

Available in a variety of colors, the FAXION is a nice basic silicone case. The $34.99 asking price is a tad high for what you get, though.

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FAXION: 7/10


Bumping things up a notch in strength is Incipio’s DualPro SHINE. This two-piece case features a soft, flexible inner silicone sleeve of sorts that completely wraps around your iPhone and even comes down a few millimeters on the top and bottom of the front display. The second, harder outer case grabs the soft inner case on the corners and both the left and right sides as well as the entire back of the phone. Installing and removing the DualPro SHINE is relatively simple and hassle free.

The couple of things to watch out for here include the more fuzz-eating nature of the super soft silicone inner case as well as the inner case’s encroachment on the front of the display – some people don’t like it.

For most people, the DualPro SHINE is a worthy protector. Here, the $34.99 seems a bit more reasonable considering the added protection.

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DualPro SHINE: 8/10

Feather SHINE

While the above cases were more about protection by way of thicker construction, the Feather SHINE is more about minimalism. The tops and the bottoms of the phone are exposed, so those of you worried about drops and chips to the antenna band should look elsewhere. The sides and back of the case, however, are covered in a hard plastic, thin shell styled like aluminum. And unlike some designs we’ve seen, the faux aluminum on the Feather SHINE is actually pretty convincing.

The sides of the Feather SHINE for our black model feature a smokey charcoal tint that is semi-transparent.

$29.99 might seem a bit steep considering how much case isn’t here. But as is customary in many aspects of life, shrink raying things often costs more money. While that may not be the best reasoning here, the Feather SHINE is still a decent option. Thin and light and good looking to boot.

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Feather SHINE: 7/10


Movie buffs and media junkies who use their iPhone’s as mobile entertainment devices have no doubt come to appreciate the multitude of kickstand cases available on the market. For those longer movie watching stints, having a kickstand available in your case makes things a lot more enjoyable as you don’t have to sit and hold you phone for lengthy periods. In that case, Incipio’s KICKSNAP is the case you’re looking for.

For the KICKSNAP Incipio used a two-part design: Part of the case is constructed of hard plastic while certain areas are softer yet still firm silicone. It’s also worth pointing out that a thin silicone lip runs all the way around the inside of the KICKSNAP which makes installing and removing said case easier than harder cases (such as the OVRMLD).

The primary feature is of course the built-in kickstand. And for all intents and purposes it works. That said, we wish that there were still some thin layer of case material behind the kickstand so that when it is kicked out, the back of your phone isn’t exposed. Also, the kickstand doesn’t feel quite as robust as some other kickstand cases we’ve tried. Some redemption is garnered, though, as the snap of re-inserting the kickstand back into the case’s back is firm and concise. You can be certain that it won’t accidentally fall out.

A moderately protective case for movie buffs a tad higher than we feel is necessary at $34.99. ($29.99 seems to be the sweet spot.)

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KICKSNAP: 7.5/10


We saved the best for last. The Incipio LGND. Folio cases are something that we’ve never been the biggest fans of. Also, we’ve seen plenty of poorly made folio type cases too. But Incipio has made us go “wow” in this case. The LGND features a soft touch hard plastic shell that your iPhone slides into from which the outer soft folio flap closes onto. The left side of your iPhone is exposed when the folio is open making reaching the volume buttons and silent/ring switch super easy. It also means your phone is susceptible to damage should gravity try to claim it. When closed, the top and bottom corners of your iPhone remain exposed as do a small strip where the volume buttons reside to the outside world. We would have liked to see Incipio find a way to protect these last remaining areas but ultimately won’t fault them too much.

As far as looks go, the LGND is sleek and very classy. The soft touch finish exemplifies this image. And finally, the speaker cutout in the folio cover means you can answer a phone call and then close the folio back up yet continue talking on the phone – a huge plus if you’ve ever become annoyed with another folio style case and it’s flapping wing getting in your way when on a call.

The folio flap is built into the back of the hard plastic shell and in no way feels poorly made or loose. Also, the LGND kept a might tight grip on our iPhone yet not so much so that removing it would cause scratches on the aluminum antenna band.

For $34.99 we’re definitely giving the LGND a “Great Buy” rating. It’s sleek, offers good protection and is priced affordably. Out of all the Incipio cases we’ve showed you today, this is our top pick.

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LGND: 9/10



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