Whatsapp may be the big name app people have turned to for cross-platform chatting until this point. But Hike, made by India based BSB (Bharti SoftBank JV), is the one and only cross-platform chat app you should concern yourself with. While it indeed now caters to Android, iOS and Windows Phone users (and will soon be coming to Symbian and BlackBerry users too), the real joy of using Hike is the pixel perfect UI. The Hike team has made sure to design an interface that is clean, simple and a joy to use.

We’ve been testing Hike on Android and iOS over the last few weeks and have loved every minute. Our only wish: that more people were using Hike so we could in turn use it more. Kik Messenger was our old favorite in terms of UI and Whatsapp because everyone seems to use it. Hike surpases Kik for the former and we hope, soon, Whatsapp for the latter.

If we had to rate Hike, we’d give it a solid 9/10. The basic featureset of sending/receiving messages, pictures, videos and other files is super simple and quick. Add to that rock solid notifications (a must for any messaging app) plus the repeatedly mentioned gorgeous UI and you’ve got yourself pretty much everything you need. But the best part – it’s free. Now there’s no reason to keep using Kik, Whatsapp or whatever else cross-platform chat app you use. Best of all, the app is now publicly available outside of India for all. Get on it!

Update: According to the Hike team, traffic has spiked over 300% in the last few hours and has such brought their servers tumbling town. Sit tight as they work on getting everything going again.

Get Hike: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

More: get.hike.in


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