Today saw a much welcomed update to MacPhun’s amazing photo editing app on Mac OS X. The new version features a slew of new features and an incredible price tag of $7.99 – 50% off the normal price for a limited time only.

FX Photo Studio finally receives the Retina ready update making it compatible with the new line of MacBook Pros, keeping your photos beautiful during editing. Not only do we see the eyeball upgrade, we also see a massive attack of 173 photo effects and filters. The 2.6 version also adds a Masking and Color Splash tool, as well as very handy sharing with Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto and Photoshop (& Elements).

I spent over an hour playing with all of the amazing effects and filters that litter (in a good way) this insane photo manipulation app. Over 170 filters and effects is in no way a lie. The ability to mask and color splash to a part of the image instead of the whole thing gives these effects and filters that many more combinations. We also see a new image procession algorithm giving the app a 2X speed upgrade over the previous version.

With the app sliced in half and selling for $7.99 on the Mac App Store, there really is no reason to pick it up. Celebrate that sexy Retina display with purchasing a very useful and fun photo editing app. While you are there, check out all of the amazing apps MacPhun has to offer!

Buy: FX Photo Studio (Mac App Store Link)


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