Over the past year since returning from CES 2012, we’ve had our eye on a crap-ton of iPhone cases that double as batteries. Whether we are plugging in, or wearing the battery as a case, we have been trying to get our hands on everything we can to try and make sense of all the charging capable cases out there. Now that Apple has released the iPhone 5, we really have been sitting waiting for someone to release something for the latest and greatest.

With a Kickstarter project that is coming down to the last 3 weeks, ZOpro is going to prove to break out of the gate running. Having already met their goal of 15k, just surpassing 17k as of this writing, ZOpro has what might be a one of the nicest battery-cases around. With the extra money raised in the Kickstarter project, ZOpro hopes to add a backpack battery system. But either way, the ZOpro happens to be one of the thinnest battery cases I have ever seen. When the iPhone 5 is wearing the case, it is about the same thickness as a naked iPhone 4S. Instead of a bulky rear panel, the ON Charge feature is packed in less than 3mm at the bottom portion of the case.

This looks so amazingly thin, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Not only are you getting an ultra-thin case that doubles as a charging station, you also have the magnetic camera lens that snaps on with the greatest of ease, to turn your iPhone into something so much more. With a pledge of $30, you can receive a second chance reward of the iPhone 5 case with magnetic lens attachment system (lenses not included). But for an extra $20, you can get the iPhone 5 case as well as the complete lens set. Estimated delivery time is around February 2013 for the iPhone 5 version.

We’ll hopefully have a case in our offices soon, we’re keeping our fingers crossed we’ll have the lens set shipped as well for a complete testing of this outstanding looking case. As soon as we get a version we’ll throw it up for all to see, and hopefully give you all something to keep those LTE battery sucking iPhone 5’s fully charged!

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