Since Tweetbot was released on the Mac App Store back in mid-October, it’s been the default go-to standard. Whether you have a retina Mac or not, it’s hard to argue that Tweetbot’s combination of heavily designed UI and robust feature set make it the only real solution for seasoned Twitter veterans on OS X.

Before Tweetbot for Mac came along, though, our old favorite was Osfoora. It’s design was much lighter and it’s feature set not quite as robust. But it was fast and worked – well. The only bummer was that it didn’t have retina Mac support.

Osfoora 1.3 just hit the Mac App Store today and is seeking to take over Tweetbot’s space on your dock. The biggest improvement in the new 1.3 update is of course retina support. Whereas before Osfoora on retina Macs was a heavily fuzzy experience, every pixel is now crystal clear. But even better is refined UI. In fact, you may recognize it; it looks a lot like the old (now abandoned) Twitter for Mac. To some, Twitter for Mac’s design was and still is the best – simple, clean and sharp. The lack of features and now abandoned state, however, mean many Twitter for Mac fans will never be at home on retina Macs. Osfoora fixes that mostly.

One other thing we’ve noticed – posting tweets is much faster than Tweetbot. We’re not sure why. We just know it is. Where Tweetbot hangs for a second or two after hitting “send”, Osfoora fires off said tweets instantly.
Found it. Tweetbot for Mac doesn’t tweet in the background like Tweetbot for iPhone (can). Osfoora does, hence the feeling of speed when tweeting. (Thanks @ihkdesign)

We’ve been using Osfoora for mac for a little under an hour now and must say, our long-term love for Tweetbot is being threatened, at least on the Mac side of the fence. The lighter UI that mimics Twitter for Mac is hard to ignore. If you hadn’t dropped the necessary $4.99 for Osfoora previously, now is a good time to revisit that decision.

Get it: Osfoora for Mac – $4.99


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    Gestures will keep me going back to Tweetbot though…although this is a welcomed update to Osfoora!