It was originally believed that the “hidden” LTE chip within the HSPA-only Nexus 4 could never have its true potential tapped into, namely because of the lack of an LTE antenna. You need both the actual chip and the antenna for something like that to fully function. But a few Canadians have apparently managed to make LTE work anyway. Two videos now have surfaced showing two separate Nexus 4 units accessing Canadian LTE networks via a test menu reached by dialing “*#*#4636#*”.

According to the videos, accessing the menu above will allow you to choose between various network modes, including the elusive LTE mode provided your carrier uses LTE on band 4. Engadget tried this trick in the UK but it didn’t work. (They also don’t utilize LTE on band 4 over there.) AT&T will likely price unsuccessful as well since they don’t use band 4 for LTE either. Now, T-Mobile USA on the other hand will be rolling out LTE in the near future on the elusive Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz), so perhaps U.S. Nexus 4 owners on T-Mobile may just get LTE after all.

Unless the two videos are fake (which is always possible), it appears the case of LTE on the Nexus 4 isn’t closed just quite yet.



Source: XDA (1, 2)
Via: Tekgadg, Engadget


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