Twitter for Mac was a well built app. The man behind the beautiful app, Loren Brichter, has since moved on to bigger and better things. Sadly, in his departure, Twitter has completely destroyed his wonderful iOS app into the monstrosity it is today. Even worse, though, is that the Mac app we once loved so dearly has essentially been abandoned. For users of newer Retina Macs, the abandonment before a Retina update was ever released means using the app is almost impossible. It looks terrible.

Since it became apparent that Twitter was giving up on the Mac app, a growing number of die-hard Twitter users have been crying out for someone to release a patched version of Twitter for Mac with at the very least, Retina support. And after months of despair, someone has answered.

Developer and Twitter user @Edincik has taken it upon himself to update the Twitter for Mac app with Retina support. For users of Retina Macs, the difference is pretty much night and day. What was a fuzz-filled experience before is now much sharper and tolerable. While new features and design styles from Twitter’s ever changing web and mobile apps aren’t present, we think most of you will simply appreciate being able to open Twitter for Mac again without having to worry about the pools of blood pouring from your eyes.

From left to right: Non-retina Twitter for Mac, Patched Retina version, Osfoora, Tweetbot

Will the patched version replace Tweetbot for Mac (or Osfoora) as our go-to favorites? Not likely. But at least being able to use it again when we want is a huge plus. Of course, after Osfoora’s recent update which brings a highly mimicked Twitter for Mac design, those looking for the aforementioned UI and features might be better served checking out that app.

Download: Twitter for Mac (Patched for Retina display graphics) – Mediafire

Via: @PaulMayne


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