Sprint has made it plenty clear: Nextel is being killed off. The spectrum the ancient as dirt iDen currently occupies will be repurposed for much better things, namely, Sprint’s 3G voice services. But even with promises of fancy modern network technologies, there will always be stragglers. But being a straggler on the dying iDen network will now also be more costly as soon as 2013.

Sprint announced today that after the new year rolls around, all Nextel subscribers on the Push-to-Talk network will be charged an extra $10/month until the impending shut off date beginning June 30th, 2013.

The best choice, of course, is to take Sprint up on a number of hardware deals and either pick up a new phone that runs on Sprint’s CDMA/WiMAX/LTE network or simply switch carriers altogether. But whatever you (stragglers) do, don’t stick around.

Via: Phonescoop


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