For Microsoft, the Surface with Windows 8 RT is the future of computing – a not-so-heavy desktop-like OS with touch baked in and plenty of modern looking UI elements and ways to interact with said elements. The Surface Pro, however, is the workhorse that is supposed to supplement the RT variant moving forward. If Microsoft is to own the market as they claim they’re trying to do, both the more casual/consumer and hardcore markets are going to have to be catered to.

A little over a month ago Microsoft launched the Surface with Windows RT into the world. And while it hasn’t been a runaway success it has consistently stayed near the top of headlines. And that’s what is important. For higher-end users needing more power, backwards compatibility and more, the Surface Pro is where it’s at. We know it’s coming in early 2013. But for how much? Microsoft finally let us know today:

  • 64 GB – $899
  • 128 GB – $999

Both Surface Pro models will come with the Surface pen,however, the Touch Cover and Type Covers will still retail separately for their current prices.

While the much more desktop-like power and greater compatibility with apps are big plusses, the price tags are definitely going to induce sticker shock. If Microsoft’s attempt was to attack the consumer-y tablet sector and offer a more upscale tablet/hybrid offering for a decent price, they missed the “decent” mark. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll get a much clearer picture of how worthwhile Microsoft’s hard work on the Surface RT/Pro and Windows 8 has been further into 2013. All that said, now that the mystery is gone, who’s setting aside the appropriate cash to pick up a Surface Pro in early 2013? Also, any Surface RT owners going to replace their RT with a Pro? Add to it?

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