If you read our Incipio iPhone 5 case round-up you’ll know we absolutely loved the LGND case. The folio style was well built and good looking. The form factor is now one of our favorites. So when we saw Tech 21’s Impact Snap w/ Cover case, we knew we had to try it.

So does it hold its own to Incipio’s LGND? Definitely.

The leather flap on the front is actually nicer than the LGND as it has more material attaching it to the main part of the case. That said, the lack of an earpiece cutout in the front cover means that volume isn’t quite as loud as it is on the LGND. Still, if we turned the volume all the way up we could still easily hear everything our callers were saying.

Snapping your phone into the case is secure and never once did we feel like it was going to fall out. Still, we prefer the LGND’s slider style where ~1/3 of the phone towards the inner part of the case (the left side primarily) is exposed. On the Snap case, the top and bottom of the phone are completely exposed.

$33.99 is pretty much average in this space these days, where there average case is $25-$35. The nice design, sturdy grip and extra protection for your purse/bag/pocket provided by the folio flap is also greatly appreciated. $34 well spent in our book. Those looking for a nice folio style case but not wanting to deal with the added bulk of a wallet folio will want to check out this Tech 21 case for sure.

If your fancy has been tickled, MobileFun has the goods.

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A special thanks to MobileFun for the Tech 21 review case.



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