Not much has been released for the iPhone 5 by the way of battery cases. We love to test out battery cases. We’ve featured and reviewed many over the past many months. Since we muddied the Las Vegas waters in search of battery cases at CES, we’ve tried many and given our thoughts on what we found.

With the release of the iPhone 5, nothing really has been featured anywhere. Not much has even been released. Lately we’ve seen some items in the works, and we’re getting excited to give them a shot. Just yesterday we were given an early look at the press release for the iBattz Mojo Hi5 snap-on battery case.

The Mojo Hi5 features a two-part protective case with a detachable 2500mAh aluminum battery that should keep you charged well into the night. The case part of the design seems to be your standard sleek form-fitting iPhone 5 case that snaps to a super-thin battery. The battery has 3 little nubbins that snap into the back of the case part of the hardware. We’ve seen many cases that have a slot that the battery slips into, but having an actual snap feature is somewhat intriguing. I’ve seen some that are a pain to put on and off, this actually looks the easiest to attach. I’m worried if it will fall off with the slightest of touches, but we’ll get to that bridge here soon.

You can choose from a matte black or gloss white case, featuring a 2500mAh battery, USB to Micro USB charging cable, a velcro strap and a short flex USB cable for charging the iPhone 5 when connected with the Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter (Sold separately). So you get protection as well as ample power to get you through those long days, in a stylish and thin package.

We’ll have a review unit in our hands soon, we’ll be sure to get that up for you all to read. We know that with the Holiday approaching, you’ll need some extra juice to get you through your travels.

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  • Sean Hull

    The cable requirement seems a bit ridiculous. I can just picture walking around with the cable hanging off of this, while I’m charging and making calls or texting.

  • Sean Hull

    Forgot to mention, 2500mAh battery is really a great improvement. Mophie’s iphone 4s battery case was only 1500mAh I believe. Also these batteries are replaceable, so you can keep more than one charged with you. Still the cable requirement is a deal breaker for me.

  • Jordan Carpenter

    We’ll see how it works. I just received it to test out. I’ll post back with a review soon.