20121207-140239.jpgSamsung’s Galaxy Camera is the company’s attempt to jumpstart the dwindling point-and-shoot camera market that has seen market share eroded thanks to increasingly powerful smartphones. To us, modern (high-end mind you) smartphones take decent enough pictures that most of those quicker moments in life (read: non-pro photos) can be properly captured on a phone. The added benefit of course is that you then can edit and share said pictures any way you want and to just about any service you want. Still, a dedicated point and shoot does hold the potential for better photo quality, and that’s the ultimate goal of a camera, no?

AT&T is currently the only U.S. carrier buddying up with the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Camera. But soon Verizon will join the fray as a new page has gone live on Samsung’s website showcasing the LTE version of the Galaxy Camera.

Internally, it’s pretty much identical save for the obvious differences in radio. One interesting bit that The Verge points out is that there is no mention of CDMA compatibility meaning you’re going to want to stick close by Verizon’s LTE when out of range of your handy public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Pricing is currently up in the air, though, considering AT&T’s model retails for $499 means Verizon’s will likely follow its lead hurting your wallet just as much.

Via: The Verge


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