Instagram may not be winning fans with their anti-Twitter stance as of late but that’s ok. They have a shiny new update to (attempt to, anyway) woo you once again. Instagram 3.2 (3.3 for Android) isn’t a major update by any means. That said, there are a few things to make note of such as tweaked UI on the camera capture screen, Foursquare integration and a new filter. As you can see above, the UI tweaks are pretty heavy at least on iOS. Android users, meanwhile, will have to wait for the UI tweaks to drop in a future upgrade.

As for the new filter, Willow, it’s a black & white affair and is available for both iOS and Android apps.

Other updated features include a tweaked tilt shift functionality, updated newsfeed view with larger photos, addition of infinite scroll on grid views and user profiles, and a new Foursquare button on location pages that will open the app (or mobile web page if app is not installed) about the venue in question. Finally, photos taken with your phone’s camera within the Instagram app are now saved to an “Instagram” folder within the photos app instead of within the default camera roll. And no self respecting update hits the world without some squashed bugs and performance imprvovements.

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Editor’s Note: Since Instagram turned off Twitter card support, all Instagram photos shared from the app straight into Twitter will simply display an Instagram link instead of the nicely formatted images they once did. To get around this, use this recipe to return properly formatted Instagram photos to twitter – ifttt Instagram/Twitter recipe.

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