Most people at least lust after the latest and greatest, most high end device(s) on the market. But truth be told, many peoples’ wallets dictate what can and can’t be bought. But VZW has your back this holiday season with some pretty sweet deals on new phones.

Devices like the 4-inch DROID RAZR M (our review here), RAZR HD/MAXX HD, LG Lucid and Pantech Marauder can be had for anywhere from $249 (DROID RAZR MAXX HD) to Free (LG Lucid and Pantech Marauder) – all pricing after 2-year contract sign-up of course.

And don’t forget, hardware aside, VZW has a fantastic, robust LTE network pumping over 400+ markets now (and more added almost weekly).

If a high-end hardware isn’t immediately in your financial future, Verizon’s new deals are certainly worth a look.

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Via: Droid-Life


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