Currently, the only way to really improve battery life on gadgets is to cram bigger batteries in them. This brute force method certainly works but it’s far from pretty or ideal. Better efficiency in mobile radios and the silicon that powers our gadgets is ultimately what’s needed. Sofant Technologies has apparently cracked the code and will unveil a new miniaturized SmartAntenna and tunable RF solutions at CES this week. The miniaturized antenna allegedly consumes 90% less energy than current hardware and will ultimately result in battery life for gadgets doubling.

On top of helping the devices themselves, SmartAntenna will help the network run better, too, by reducing network congestion caused by weak signals and dropping connections.

We can’t wait for the hardware to improve, especially where battery life is concerned. It isn’t all that great now so seeing a doubling in battery life just with improved mobile radios would be a blessing of epic proportions.


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