The maker of rugged and battery cases has unveiled it’s line of new battery cases for the iPhone and Galaxy S3. PowerSkin will be showcasing a Pro Series of double-injection hard plastic/TPU-coatd iPhone 5 battery cases in a variety of colors, a next generation slim design for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III, along with the Hybrid Battery Charger that features suction cups and tip connectors compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices.

20130107-145506.jpgThe PowerSkin Pro line of battery cases for the iPhone 5 will feature a double-injection, TPU bezel with a soft touch and a hard plastic shell. The Pro line will be available in 5 different colors – white, black, titanium, red and pink.

The battery will be packed with a somewhat disappointing 2000 mAh of power. At this point in the game, especially for a LTE device, I’d like to see it packing some more strength, but oh well. The great thing about these cases is they are offering PowerSkin’s slimmest case yet, and from what we’ve seen in the past, that is a welcomed change.

20130107-145601.jpgNext up is the PowerSkin Hybrid Battery Charger that features small, flexible suction cups that adhere externally to your mobile device. It will plug in using a soft, flex tip to a micro-USB, Apple 30-pin as well as an Apple Lightning connector. This will allow users to recharge their device without having to remove the case you already have on your device.

The Hybrid Battery Charger is packing 2000 mAh of power and should extend power between 50 and 70%, which of course depends on the device you are re-charging. 5 colors will be available and should match almost any case/phone combo you have, shipping in black, white, titanium, red and pink.

20130107-145726.jpgThe last battery case being unveiled is the PowerSkin Battery Case specifically designed for the iPhone 5. This will be PowerSkin’s slimmest design ever which will partner so very well with the slim design of the iPhone 5. It will feature a new ultra-thin angular shape, which should allow for a comfortable fit in your hand.

Packing a 1500 mAh power capacity, the Designer Series should extend talk time up to 6 hours an WiFi usage up to 8 hours. The LED indicator is nicely positioned on the rear of this case, which I like over the usual bottom of the case.

Along with these cases for the iPhone 5, PowerSkin should also be releasing an Ultra Thin design for the Samsun Galaxy S 3 which will feature 2 limited-edition colors. We’ll try to get some hands on during CES if we can find any working samples. The cases should be available starting early 2013, so we’ll see what might be available this week.


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