The new Withings Smart Activity Tracker is one of the tiniest wearable health monitors to hit the market. At just 8 grams in weight and no larger than a small memory card, Withings has made tracking your health much less obtrusive.

What sets the new activity tracker apart from others, though, is just how and what it tracks – number of steps taken, number if stairs climbed, calories burned based on body composition, duration and quality of sleep, and heart rate. The tracker can also differentiate between moderate and heavier activities thereby giving a more accurate picture of overall fitness and health.

Support for the iPhone 3GS – iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch 4th and 5th generations as well as many different Android phones is made possible by Bluetooth syncing.

Also new in Withings lineup is a revamped smart scale dubbed “Smart Body Analyzer”. In addition to measuring things like body composition and heart rate. New this year is the addition of air monitoring thanks to built in sensors that will detect and display air quality based on oxygen and CO2 levels. And last but not least, the Smart Body Analyzer features a modern, sleek design.

Connectivity is provided by WiFi and Bluetooth with power coming from 4 AAA’s that Withings claims will last over a year.

Both the new tracker and scale are able to be synced with the company’s Heart Mate app available in the App Store.

Look for the Smart Analyzer to hit shelves in Q1 for $149. (We’re still working on a date and price for the Smart Activity Tracker.)


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