A nice release that came out of the iBattz camp here at CES this morning, they have officially announced 3 new cases for the iPhone 5. iBattz is a company you may know from the charging game, so it is nice to see them continue their run with advancing the somewhat short amount of actual battery cases for the iPhone 5. So far we really only have snap-on style batter solutions because of the fact that Apple has been dragging their feet to help 3rd party manufacturers get out a product using the Lightning plug. We were given a sneak peak of these yesterday as we were waiting in line for the Sony keynote, but they were embargoed until this morning, but we were really stoked in this release.

The two items I’m really stoked about out of these 3 cases are the two that contain interchangeable batteries. Both the Mojo Refuel and the Mojo Armor come with two interchangeable 2200mAh batteries, boasting that you can charge your iPhone 5 three times.

20130109-002000.jpgFirst up we have the Mojo Refuel, not only does it ship with the two batteries, it also comes with two grooved silver and red colored bumpers. This case mimics the previous Mojo for the iPhone 4/4S. But from what we can tell, iBattz was really able to keep the slim design intact with that of the iPhone 5.

You can pick up the Refuel in both matte black or gloss white. You also get an external USB charger that lets you charge additional batteries to ensure you never see that battery warning notification again. A USB to Micro USB charging cable is also provided for charge and sync directly from the battery case without having to remove the case. The Mojo Refuel will be shipping this February and will set you back a reasonable $89.90.

Next up is the more rugged sibling, the Mojo Armor. This case will protect your iPhone as well as your clumsiness from drops, dust, splashes and shocks. This case will really appeal to those living life outdoors and filled with action. If you are looking for a battery case to keep you going all day long, but don’t want to worry about always having to pay attention to that $200 purchase, the Armor might just be the case for you.

20130109-002041.jpgThe dual material case is available with high visibility orange trim with a black protective silicone sleeve to seal all ports. If you find yourself a little less active on the weekend and don’t want something you can toss at your loud children, iBattz is even giving you a silver trim bumper to make it a slim, light weight case. Along with the bumper and the case, you get the same two 2200mAh batteries, the USB charger for charging extra batteries as well as the charge and sync cable that the Refuel comes with. The Mojo Armor will be available this March and will only be $10 more than the Refuel, at $99.90.

The third and final iPhone 5 case revealed this morning is the AquaSeal Hi5, a waterproof power bank case that not only protects your iPhone from those pesky drunken toilet drops, but also rocks your battery life with the nicely sized 2500mAh battery. The AquaSeal Hi5 is a two part power solution concept that features a waterproof case and attachable aluminum battery that takes the ruggedness of the Mojo Armor, but takes it a step further. This low profile case is waterproof and has the attachable battery.

Along with the iPhone 5 offerings, iBattz keeps the announcements coming with simple wireless charging solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. This entire process is actually quite simple and does wonders for keeping you ‘on-the-go’ without the wires. The system consists of just a charging base and a SMART charging adapter that easily fits inside either of these Samsung devices that will never have to be removed once it is inside. The iBattz SMART wireless charging system seems simple enough, although we aren’t exactly sure how it works. I am assuming it is just a replacement battery that you’ll use that can be charged with the base. We’ll definitely get a hands on this week and let you all know more.

20130109-002136.jpgAnd last but certainly not least, iBattz keeps all your devices alive with the new BattStation Tough Pro, a 12,000mAh rugged power solution. The BattStation Tough Pro is a portable battery pack that allows you to charge and power two USB devices simultaneously, which includes charging an iPhone up to 8 times or even charging the new iPad with Retina Display one full time – this being the greatest thing on Earth! We all know how long the iPad battery takes to die, and how long it takes to charge, so having a portable solution that can fully charge it one full time is huge!

20130109-002235.jpgThe BattStation Tough Pro is a rugged silicone shell that is both drop and water resistant. It’s designed for those of you on the go that need a tough solution to keep all of your things charged and ready to use. If 12,000mAh is too much for you, iBattz is also shipping a 7200 and 8400mAh option. These are currently available and will run you a cheap $29.90, $39,90 and $49.90, respectively.

We’ll be sure to stop by the iBattz booth this week to get a hands on and some close up shots of all the new items they have announced at this year’s CES!


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