One of the meetings we had today was a very special one for both Mike and myself, the reason is because we both love our Apple computers and we love us some headshots when gaming. But, if you know anything about OS X, you’ll know that it is somewhat impossible to get full accessory support with any gaming peripherals. So when we heard about a company that was set out to specifically design a set of gaming accessories for the Mac OS X we immediately knew this was something we had to check out.

So after travel through the traffic of Las Vegas, we arrived at our meeting at Planet Hollywood to see a suite littered with Rogue swag, and then we see a sweet 27″ iMac with all these gaming accessories attached to it. We sit down and immediately know what we were going to hear would make everyone out there that wants to game on the Mac with full peripheral support happy.

First item out of all announced at CES was the MondoRez, which is the Precision Mouse that is specifically built for your Mac. Whether you are a gaming or working, you’ll have the power and accuracy to move with speed, precision and style. The black palm area, with silver accents and cherry backlighting look so incredible next to your iMac or MacBook. You can tell that this and the rest of the line were designed to sit next to Apple’s sexy designed machines.

The Ambidextrous design proved very comfortable in our hands. Speed and accessibility to all the programmable buttons was 100% there. You can change the DPI on the fly, and really get the most out of a gaming mouse, on your Mac!

Accompanying this fantastic little rodent is a responsive, hard mouse pad which also features a soft cover for those who like something a little less harsh.


  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Fast 8200 DPI Laser Sensor
  • 7 Programmable Buttons With Macros
  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • Precision Software Engine Built for the Mac
  • 10 Gaming Profiles
  • 7 Profiles In On-Board Memory
  • 5 Programmable Macro Keys
  • Change Your Mouse’s Sensitivity On The Fly
  • Stylish Cherry Back Lighting

Next up is the MondoBoard which is Rogue’s Gaming Keyboard. The MondoBoard brings premium gaming power, features and style to the Mac. This mechanical keyboard fits perfectly with your Mac and the MondoRez in style and programmability. Cherry red backlighting and the options that Mac users have really never had. Usually we have to just live with a plug and play option leaving us at the mercy of however the hardware was shipped. We’ve never been able to program any peripheral, unlike our PC counterparts that are given tons of options.

This keyboard was extremely comfortable and responsive during our short test with it this afternoon. Featuring some sexy accent lighting that made this really stand out as a gaming keyboard that any gamer could really use, not just Mac users.


  • World Class Cherry MX Mechanical Keys
  • Drivers and Software designed for the Mac
  • Enhanced Anti-Ghosting
  • 32-bit ARM Processor
  • Dedicated Multimedia Keys for Media Mode
  • 10 Gaming Profiles
  • 7 Profiles In On-Board Memory
  • 5 Programmable Macro Keys
  • On-Board Analog Audio Jacks
  • Cable Management and USB Hub with IOS Charge and Sync Support
  • Full Sized Keyboard with Number Keys and Large Palm Rest

Last item from Rogue is the MondoGroove which is their entry into the gaming headset arena. Along with the Rez and Board, the final piece to this Mac gaming puzzle can be complete. The MondoGroove delivers full analog sound with either foam or leather cushioned ear cups, a removable microphone, and a selection between gaming or music mode.

The large over the ear speakers and cushioned headband give hours of comfortable listening. You can go portable and use the headphones with your tablet, smartphone, MP3 player as well as your computer. With the removable microphone and replaceable ear cover no one would ever know that this was the gaming headset. The MondoGroove adds premium sound and style to your Mac, whether it is for gaming or just listening to some tunes.


  • 3.5mm Jack, so no lost USB ports
  • 40mm Speaker Drivers
  • Cushioned headband and ear cups
  • 2 sets of ear cups, leather and foam
  • Removable audio cable with interlock
  • Cables connect to left or right side
  • Folds for storage or portability
  • Carrying Case

We don’t have an exact release date as of yet but you can be sure we’ll provide the info as we get it! We also weren’t given any peak at the software, so we can’t speak to the level of simplicity or how it works, but we will for sure update when we know.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these items to enhance both our gaming experience as well as the style our Mac gives to our home or office. We’re really stoked to see what Rogue continues to do in this untapped market, creating full gaming support where none has been.


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