HTC once held a very commanding position in the mobile world. And early on in the Android scene, their heavy handed Sense UI was quite popular. Many iterations later and several years after the fact, Sense has turned into an outdated, bloated beast. Meanwhile, HTC has fallen from their top spot and is now experiencing quarter after quarter of embarrassment at the hands of Samsung, the only Android manufacturer to really run away with the popularity and profits. But leaked shots of HTC’s in-house Sense 5 skin show that times could be changing.

As you can see from the screenshots above (more at the source/via links below), HTC is going through and redesigning quite a bit of Sense, and quite heavily. Things are much “leaner” and just overall nicer and more simplistic to look at – a good thing considering what Sense has become.

The original source of the photos, HTC Source, doesn’t have them live anymore so these very well could be legit shots of HTC’s upcoming Sense redesign (as opposed to a decent fake).

After looking at the screenshots, what are your thoughts? Like the new look?

Source: HTC Source | Via: XDA, AndoridPolice


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