20130131-173823.jpgDuring our CES travels we didn’t happen across the Divoom booth, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t pimpin their newest product – the Bluetone-SOLO. It’s hard to figure out the difference between the flood of Bluetooth speakers in the market, but that’s what we’re here for.

One of the biggest reasons behind a Bluetooth speaker for me is design. If it’s an ugly little guy, I honestly don’t care how it sounds. And I’m actually kind of stoked to give the Bluetone-SOLO just because it’s tiny and cute. Featuring the biggest thing we saw saw released in the world of Bluetooth speakers was the added feature of daisy chaining. We saw a handful of companies boasting that their speakers could do it. The Bluetone-SOLO does just that, it will allow for full stereo sound by connecting a second speaker to add small yet superb stereo sound.

The Bluetone-SOLO features X-Bass sound system that has some snazzy PO-Bass Technology built in to provide a deep bass in such a small package. Also featured is an internal microphone with built-in push button speakerphone. The rechargeable battery will last up to 8 hours while blasting that music, although Dubstep will probably only yield 5 hours!

Available in white, orange, red, blue and slate, all with a matte finish, and retailing for only $49.90, but you’ll obviously have to purchase a second unit to get that sweet sweet stereo sound.

We’ll have a unit in the office soon that we’ll be able to test out. Go and pick yours up now at Divoom.com

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