Rugged cases are all the rage these days. While some prefer the beauty of Apple’s design and refuse to do anything but “go naked”, truth be told, there are a lot of people and environments that require some sort of protection. Incipio is one company we’ve already looked at many of their iPhone 5 offerings, with many piquing our interest. This time around, however, the company has paired up with tool manufacturer, Stanley, to bring users some more rugged cases into the world. Today we’re taking a look at the Foreman, the Haywire and the Technician.


For someone who wants a *slightly* more rugged case as well as utility of a belt clip, the Technician is your case. It’s actually pretty thin and very unassuming compared to other rugged style cases. Combined with the belt clip it makes for a great lightweight rugged option.

The case itself is comprised of a hardened silicone around the edges and a polycarbonate back – pretty normal stuff for a rugged case these days.

For $39.99 it’s not a bad case. Not the most rugged in this category but then again, it’s not really trying to be.

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Where the Technician caters to the lighter duty rugged case user, the Haywire takes things up a notch. Instead of a single piece design, the Haywire makes use of a two-piece system. The inner piece is a soft silicone sleeve that wraps around the tops and bottom of the phone ever so slightly in typical Incipio fashion. The outer piece is a stripped plastic piece that snaps on top of the silicone sleeve and brings a rigid backbone to the case. Finally, a belt clip allows everything to stay nice and protected.

The silicone sleeve portion of the Haywire is pretty soft. That’s great for shock absorption when dropped, not so great for dust/lint collecting. But considering the target market Incipio and Stanley are going after, fuzz collection is an afterthought.

$39.99 – Haywire – Incipio


Similar to the Haywire, the Foreman uses a two-piece design. Also similar to the Haywire is the design which employs a two piece design: a soft silicone inner sleeve/case + hard outer shell. The Forman manages to be a tad heavier duty while not feeling or looking any bigger than the Haywire thanks to the more bumper style protection the plastic piece offers. That said, the bumper piece that wraps around on the Foreman encroaches more on the front and back than a typical bumper, but only by a little.

$39.99 – Foreman – Incipio

All in all, the cases Stanley and Incipio have partnered on offer decent protection for the price as well as some nice color options for those wanting to be a bit more expressive. For extreme users, there’s still cases such as Lifeproof and the upcoming Atlas case (by Incipio).



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