In the world of iPhone cases, there are a few gems that stand out from the rest and really make us stop and say “cool” or “wow”. The Wally iPhone wallet is one such case. Yes, it is another wallet style iPhone case, but it isn’t just like every other wallet case you’ve seen. What has us intrigued is the wallet style design that doesn’t incorporate a folio or flap style design.

The magic is featured around back where a nicely crafted (real leather) sleeve sticks to the back of your iPhone (works on cases too it seems) and features a nifty pull-tab that reveals the contents of your Wally. Up to three cards and a few bills will fit comfortably.


From the pictures we can see on their Kickstarter Page, the Wally is definitely thin for even this style of Wallet case, which is a huge plus. As an added perk, the minor bump on the back of your phone will make it a bit more comfortable and easier to hold – something many will appreciate after extended claw gripping sessions with the iPhone 4/4S/5.

Currently, the project has already sailed past the $12,000 needed to do a limited batch of U.S. made Wally cases, meaning you need to hurry up and get your monetary pledge in before space runs out! Speaking of which, the first run batch will ship in early/mid-April while the second run will drop sometime in May.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect wallet case like we have, the Wally might just fit that bill.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.nicholson.798 Steven Nicholson

    This looks like one of the cutest and the most durable iPhone cases or all. I like the way its external pocket has been made for credit card etc. How much does it cost?