20130219-104425.jpgLove ’em or hate ’em, Samsung is doing a fantastic job with marketing, distribution and just about everything else in regards to the hugely popular galaxy line, specifically the Galaxy S II/III and Note I/II devices. If you go out and ask “normal” people what phone they use, chances are you’re either going to get an iPhone of some type or a Samsung device. Even though HTC (and Motorola here and there) released a couple of physically sound devices, abysmal marketing and a few pitfalls (like horrible battery life) kept them from coming anywhere close to Samsung. Last year HTC even promised that there were going to stop unnecessarily flooding the market with far too many minor variants of a few main devices. But they lied. They still released a ton of stupid spinoffs of popular phones last year. But finally, 2013 is looking to be very different.

Fellow tech site, Omio, spoke with HTC UK’s man in charge, Phil Roberson, whom claimed that 2013 would see only a single flagship device – the HTC One.

We can’t begin to voice how glad we are that HTC finally got their heads out of the sand and used their collective brains. Flooding the market with cheap crap that is barely distinguishable from one model to the next is not what made Samsung the giant they are today. Focusing on just a couple devices and pushing them hard is what did that.

For 2013, HTC’s One handset is hands down one of the nicest Android devices we’ve ever seen in terms of hardware. It also doesn’t hurt that in terms of specs, HTC made sure the One comes packing top of the line components that should give Samsung and their S IV a run for the money. On that note, even if Samsung’s S IV is marginally faster but features a design similar to the S III and Note II, we’ll take the One hands down. It’s a gorgeous device. Another S III device craftsmanship wise will be a major disappointment (to us at least). But hardware design aside, we have 0 doubt that Samsung is going to move a ton of them and that as awesome as the HTC One is, it’s going to take several miracles to change the one-sided marketshare figures in Samsung’s favor in the Android world. Samsung isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But maybe, just maybe, HTC’s newfound intelligence will help them (finally) get back in the game.

Source: Omio | Via: Phandroid


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