20130226-071016.jpgGoogle Glass is all the rage right now. The current feature set of Google’s baby might not be that impressive all things considered, but the potential is definitely there. In a broader view, the wearables scene is quickly heating up. Back at CES there was a ton of products that could be strapped to your body and synced with other mobile devices. While most were more basic health trackers, some more advanced devices (i.e.: smart watches) also made their mark. But a new wearable armband by startup Thalmic Labs is a unique twist on the current wearables agenda.

The armband, called “MYO”, syncs via Bluetooth do any mobile device as well as PCs and allows navigating the UI of the device in question via gestures thanks to a slew of sensors and software algorithms built into the MYO. The coolest part, though, is that no camera or external system is required like say Xbox’s Kinect or Sony’s Move technology, opening tons of doors.

The (now) eleven man team has shown how the MYO can move through slides on an on-screen presentation as part of their demo as well as some gaming interaction and operating those awesome quadcopters with just a MYO equipped arm. Though, ultimately, they hope to take the MYO and its technology further, highlighting a scenario where the MYO wearer could interact with Google Glass without even having to touch the glasses component.

Thalmic Labs has released an API in an effort to get third party developers on board of the MYO hardware tech, which the company will make available for purchase ($149) in “late 2013). Given the lead time until release, we’re hoping developers hop on board. Even as a niche device, there is some awesome potential in the MYO we think.

More: getmyo.com

If you’re on the fence (or straight up hate the Google Glass concept) is the MYO armband something that is different (or less distracting) enough that you’d choose it over Google Glass?


Via: TechCrunch, Buzzfeed


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