carbon4androidCarbon for Android is one of the few “good” Twitter apps for Google’s OS. And while it was a (very) long time coming, the app was finally released to much fanfare and joy amongst Android’s Twitter junkies. The next question, of course, was when could the Android world see the fully baked paid version (as well as a tablet version of Graphite). Well, according to lead developer and brain child of Carbon for Android, M.Saleh Esmaeili, both apps have been cancelled. Esmaeili cites Twitter’s increasingly hostile (read: bullshit) actions towards developers as well as the headache of having to release a paid app only to issue vast amounts of refunds in the future should Twitter continue their backwards direction.

Beyond Twitter, though, Esmaeili says that he’ll continue to support the already available Carbon for Android for as long as he can and as long as Twitter allows third party apps to function in some form or fashion. That said, Carbon for Android is his last – he says that he’ll never again build an app that relies on another company’s service. Such wording makes it look like the current Twitter alternative ( isn’t going to see any love from Esmaeili.

We can’t blame Esmaeili for not wanting to support another service outside of his control. He’s spent a monumental amount of time building apps for a couple other platforms, and platforms which have seen his works now removed from circulation (Carbon & Graphite for webOS and Carbon for Windows Phone).

We sincerely hope that Esmaeili opens up to and that continues to grow.

Source: M.Saleh Esmaeili (Google+)


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