They might be racing (kind of slowly) to catch up to AT&T and Verizon’s much larger LTE footprint, but we’ll take any and all new LTE markets that Sprint wants to give us. Today, 9 Sprint markets have just had LTE activated ensuring you can suck down those gigabytes with the best of them. And what’s interesting is that instead of focusing on the usual big cities, Sprint is catering to smaller locales this time around.

  • Indiana: Columbus, Elkhart, Goshen
  • Louisiana: Hammond
  • North Carolina: Asheville, Statesville
  • Pennsylvania: Altoona
  • Texas: Temple
  • Wisconsin: La Crosse
  • Puerto Rico: San Juan

Inhabitants of LTE-less larger cities might be a bit perturbed to see smaller cities with far less people getting Sprint’s attention first. (Just look at the comments at the more link below.) For the “little guys”, though, it’s a nice change.

Let us know how your LTE speeds (and coverage) fare!

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