Being a CDMA customer has its pros and cons. One pro, at least here in the states, is one gigantic carrier (Verizon) with a ton of coverage. The cons, of course, come in the form of hardware availability – or lack thereof. More often than not, new, unique devices are released on GSM first and CDMA later. Considering a vast majority of the world uses GSM, it makes sense from the manufacturers’ perspectives. For the customer, however, it sucks.

But waiting pays off at times. The Verge is reporting that the delay in releasing a Lumia 920 variant for VZW is going to be worth it, with a tweaked “928” model seeing a debut on Big Red. The 928, according to the Verge’s sources, will be thinner at ~10.2mm thick (at its thickest point) while also featuring an aluminum body as opposed to the plastic/poly one found on many other Lumia devices. Also, the a Xenon flash will tag team a traditional LED flash hinting at drastically improved low-light performance. Internally, specs will remain unchanged. One other perk – simultaneous voice and LTE data (SVLTE) – is reportedly in route as well.

While it’s not necessarily as customized and unique as some other handsets that make the jump to VZW, it’s certainly something that Windows Phone users on VZW will want to pay attention to.

Look for more info as we near the rumored April launch time frame.

Via: The Verge


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