Rocketcases-Main-GSWe reviewed the Gameboy iPhone cases from Rocketcases back in January after a romp at CES in Vegas. When I was originally sent the Gameboy cases, a NES Controller case was also included in the bunch. Unfortunately, the courier service delivering the package got all smash happy with it and happened to damage that case. So the one I was really stoked to receive was damaged and I was unable to wear the case around. Luckily the Gameboy cases are gorgeous and so much fun to drape on your iPhone.

The amazing people over at Rocketcases thought it was horrible that the case was damaged and decided that sending me a new one, plus some other goodies, was the only way to proceed. After a short happy dance upon arrival I’ve been rocking all 3 cases they sent over, and the NES Controller being the last one I tried out. I knew I was going to heading over to the Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend and I wanted to make sure I had that case to show off to all the Cosplay nerds roaming around.

I’m not going to give each case their own section as all 3 cases are identical in build. They are a hard plastic case, unlike the Gameboy cases I reviewed a month ago, that feature an open top and bottom which is almost not enough protection for these delicate iPhones. As long as you don’t drop it directly at the top or bottom edge, you shouldn’t have any issues. I’ve actually dropped my iPhone a few times while wearing these cases and all is well with the protection it offers. I wouldn’t go chucking your iPhone across the room, but for some short tumbles and bumps you’ll be fine.

Now the best part about Rocketcases is the novelty they provide. Yes they are still an iPhone case and do offer protection, but the main reason in purchasing any of these cases is to be the coolest person on the block, or in my case, the CES show or nerdgasm Comic Con.

Rocketcases-2-GSFirst off is one of the latest additions to the Rocketcases Family, and that is the Ghetto Blaster case. It’s exactly what it sounds like, resembling a boom box reminiscent to the old hip hop videos, or Clerks scenes, or roaming around with a radio on your shoulder. It’s a really neat case to have and brings back a lot of memories of a time in which we didn’t have tiny devices to carry all our music. We had to lug this gigantic thing around with a bunch of cassettes. Speaking of, I don’t have it but Rocketcases also has a Cassette Tape case that is amazing!

I expect everyone to be walking around with this case and some cardboard, ready for the break dance attack of the 21st century! It comes in two different colors, black and grey, that change the image as well as the color.

Rocketcases-3-GSThe next case I was sent is probably one of my favorites, the VHS Tape. If you recall, many moons ago I reviewed a VHS Player that scored very well and received very high marks, so to rock this case rewinds me to a time when I couldn’t just play a movie through my XBox or on my iPad. VHS tapes offered one of the highest (lol) quality playbacks in the 20th century. This case really is an eye grabber. The detail is grainy, as would be the playback from this thing if it actually worked, showing the film not completely rewound, even down to the little label where you could Sharpie your way into recorded TV movies. The case brings back a crud ton of pre-DVD and pre-Digital movie madness. One thing I do wish this case had, was writing, whatever it may be, on the label, crossed out with something else written below it. That would be truly reminiscent of my VHS past.

Rocketcases-1-GSAnd last but certainly not least is the case that spawned my attraction with Rocketcases, the NES Controller case. This is the creme de la creme of iPhone cases. Back at CES 2012, I received a Bodyguardz case that had the capability of having an image sent in that they could print as an insert to the back of the two piece slider case. They had some samples at CES, and because of my NES Controller belt buckle, they felt obligated to give me the sample they had featuring the same controller. That was the iPhone 4S, once the 5 was released I was out of luck, until now.

Rocketcases tugs at my nerdy childhood heartstrings. When I didn’t have a care in the World, and I would just run around different places on my TV screen jumping into bricks and blasting robots with my arm canon, it never failed, I could always find joy in my NES. Rocketcases just gives me one more way I can remember to turn my XBox off and my NES on, and yes, I still have one and it still works, well…with minor blowing into the cartridges.

The NES Controller case works as the first two do, and as any other snap on case does. Protecting the sides and back, but leaving the top and bottom of the iPhone exposed to the bumps and scrapes you might find along the way. I’ve found a few of those scrapes and dings at the top of my iPhone, but that is because I usually forget there is crap in my pocket, so as I dunk my iPhone into it, I find a new gash here and there. This isn’t the case’s fault, but purely my own.

Rocketcases-Fun-GSI’m not exactly sure how much Rocketcases can get away with as far as copyright goes. Obviously Nintendo owns the right to their controller, but I do feel that this controller has a ways to go visually before it 100% resembles the NES almighty. This is just my anal personality and my love for the game, but it’s just little things; like the button and D-Pad placement, color scheme for the D-Pad not having the black button part, and the almost glittery background color. Again, these things are minor, especially the button layout, but just something I noticed.

Over the past couple of months, Rocketcases has sky rocketed to the top 5 case manufacturer of mine, solely based on just pure kick-assery. Their cases are minimal in design, but pack a hell of a punch when it comes to style. If you prefer a case that ads practically no bulk but looks amazing and will turn heads where ever you go, Rocketcases is the brand for you. All of the cases mentioned here are only $14.99! Don’t forget to check out our last review of the Gameboy Cases from January!

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