google-babbleIn just a couple short years (and surprising to many), Apple’s iMessage has become a rather important “lock-in” feature for iOS and Mac. Chatting between friends and family via iOS and OS X devices is super easy, not to mention robust. Most of the time it really does just work. So when you leave Apple’s walled garden and have to resort to non-iOS messaging services, things get more complicated pretty quickly.

Take Google’s ecosystem for example. Google Talk has been the go-to standard for Google services on the web while the Google Talk client on Android has made a pretty compelling competing service. But Google has sinse pumped out various forms of communication services that really should all be one app/service. Things like Google+ Messenger, Google Hangouts, Voice, Chat for Drive and Google Talk could all be one feature-rich, simple app. We’ve been begging Google for it for awhile. And according to’s source, it will finally be happing, possibly at Google I/O in just a couple months.

The service in question will allegedly be called “Babble” and will finally bring together the various chat and communication services Google has let grow out of control over the last couple of years, and make the multi-platform experience for Google services operate more similarly to iMessage on iOS and Mac. It’s going to be awesome.

Some may say Google is making a cheap copy of iMessage. Only problem with that argument – Google Talk has been available for desktop and mobile (Android and other platforms) far longer than Apple’s iMessage. So, if anything, it’s a refinement and not a carbon copy.

We can’t wait for some simpler Google chat action and are looking forward to everything Google has on tap for I/O 2013. Anyone else eager for Babble?

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