It’s completely normal for smartphone manufacturers to pick fun at their competitors’ products, highlight their faults and simultaneously talk up their own products. But it only really “works” when some common sense is used, too. That said, Microsoft has a new Lumia 920 ad floating around that goes on the offensive at Samsung’s latest and greatest
year old Galaxy S III. To some degree it’s understandable why – the Lumia 920 was released in the same time frame as the S III and as such, it is the closest competitor in the Android world. Then again, the timing of the whole thing just seems like a waste. The Galaxy S 4 has already been announced meaning it is now the focus of consumers and should be the new focus of competing manufactures.

If Microsoft is going to push further into 2013 on the Lumia 920’s 2012 hype, they might want to pick a more relevant device to compare itself against. Of course, in doing so they open themselves up to some cold, hard truths regarding specs; the Lumia 920 simply can’t hold a candle to what the S 4 has housed within its plastic shell. But hey. Maybe Microsoft is trying to go after the late upgraders of the world who don’t buy into new hardware in its launch year and in turn prefer to stay a generation behind what is current. There are many people that do, so it’s not entirely a wasted effort.

Still, consumers aren’t as technologically blind as many people think. Once they see Microsoft’s trying to pick a fight with a year old phone, consumers will question their target, asking why Microsoft isn’t going after the latest and greatest. Because even if it is technologically inferior, it would at least make a little more sense, no? Watch the new ad below for yourselves and let us know what you think.


Via: BGR


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