We have a winner, Josh Cohen (@JshChnz) was randomly chosen by my cat MacGyver last night, and will receive the coveted CM4 Q Card Case for his iPhone 5. Josh, we’ve sent you over a Tweet, get back with us via PM and we’ll send the case out! Congratulations!


Back in December we had the chance to try out our first wallet-style case for the iPhone 5. We’d always wanted a great one for the iPhone 4/4S, but the added bulk to what is now a really bulky phone was something we couldn’t get behind. Luckily Apple trimmed some fat and gave us a much slimmer device that gives us some room to fatten up and keep our butts and backs safe from wallet stress.

We liked our time with the case, it was a functional case with a clean design, feel and look. The ability to hold 3 cards plus some cash all while fully protecting your iPhone was something we really liked. And now we are offering you the chance to own yours and give your butt a rest.

All you have to do is one of the following:
1) Tweet this post and include the #GSQCardCaseGiveaway hashtag.
2) Like the heck out of this on Facebook
3) Post to including the #GSQCardCaseGiveaway hashtag.
4) Post in the comments on why you think your butt deserves a rest!

You don’t have to do all 4, but the more love you give, the more we’ll get annoyed enough to ship you the case! We will run this until Monday, April 1st (no this isn’t a fools gag) and we’ll announce the winner Tuesday morning.

Until then, we suggest heading on over to our review of the case, and then checking out the Q Card website!


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  • moe1903

    I got an iPhone and some Cards, this is why i deserve this case LOL 😉

  • ?kevin

    This case is great looking AND ALSO so practical! I deserve it because I don’t have a case for my iPhone5 :[

  • Josh Cohen

    This case is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and a great way to promote Gadgetsteria :)

    My butt deserves a rest because I keep my wallet in the back pocket, and doing that makes my butt a sad panda :(

    Posted to and Twitter through @Jshchnz :)